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Our Courses:

1. Web Design
2. Web Development

At present, 99EDU Institute is offering a variety of courses in a duration range from 2 months to 4 months which include career diploma courses, professional courses, job-oriented courses, and certificate courses.
Our job-oriented courses include Web Designing, Web Development, WordPress/WooCommerce development, RPA, SQL Server, React JS, Java Script Advance, Graphic Design, UI/ UX Designing, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, and Software Development Languages.
Overview of job-oriented computer courses in Kolkata

Why are our job-oriented courses in Kolkata the best?

Choose long & short-term courses for your career job-oriented courses in Kolkata that will help you to build your career unlike anything else. The curriculum for industrial training in Kolkata was created with the interests of students and professionals in mind, as well as the most recent business trends.

Our computer courses in Kolkata offer the best job options

Our job-oriented courses follow a comprehensive approach. All the industrial training courses at the institute are updated and modified, providing in-depth exposure to subjects in step with industry requirements. They are made to push you academically by helping you learn new skills, expose your limitations and paradigms, and get you ready to excel professionally.

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