Course Duration: 40 Hours

Complete Syllabus of React JS Course

Basic eligibility criteria – Should Have The Knowledge of Responsive html, Advanced Js



Search for React Js Training institute in Kolkata? React is an open-source JavaScript language used to design user interfaces for single-page applications. The view layer is managed by it in both online and mobile applications. We can also build reusable user interface elements thanks to it. Large web applications that can alter data without requiring a page reload can made by developers using it. React’s main objectives are to be quick, scalable, and easy to use.

It will only function on the user interfaces of the application. This is similar to the MVC template‘s view. It is incredibly simple to learn and create expert web (and mobile) applications, and support because of its component-based architecture, clearly defined lifecycle, and use of only plain JavaScript. Anyone with a fundamental understanding of programming may easily understand it; all you need is a working knowledge of CSS and HTML. React Native allows for the creation of incredibly easy-to-test mobile applications. React views can considered as functions of the state, allowing us to manipulate the state we pass to the view and inspect the results, as well as the actions, events, functions, and other things that were triggered.

The question is what is the benefits of React js training? First, lets me know what is Rect Js. User interfaces made using the React JavaScript library. It is controlled by Facebook as well as a number of independent developers and companies. Mobile or single-page applications can built on the React framework. 99Edu grooms the student to become a professional React js developer. 99Edu is the best React Js Training institute.

Why should you become a React Js Developer?

You’ll required to be an expert user of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 as a front-end developer. Additionally, you must be knowledgeable about current advances in scripting languages, such as React.

The visible portion of websites and apps that users interact with—the front end—is where a lot of web development takes place today. That’s where React comes in. A potent tool for creating quick, dynamic user interfaces is react.

React Js Training– Learning React is important if you want to transition from another profession to front-end development or if you want to start your career in this industry.

Why should you join React Js training at 99Edu?

There are plenty of reasons to learn React. For starters, Facebook, one of the largest brands in technology, is behind it. That implies that its development and uptake funded by large amounts of money (not to mention a large community of developers).

Additionally, React Js used by some of the biggest businesses in the world, like Netflix, Airbnb, Yahoo! Mail, Reddit Enhancement Suite, and Imgur. Learning React will offer you an advantage in the job market if you want to work at one of these companies (or one that is similar).

How many projects included in this?

React Js Training
– This React JS course will include a minimum of two projects:

Static Router and Nested Router Website
Blog Project with Front and Back-end

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