Course Duration: 64 Hours

Complete Syllabus of SQL Server




Why should you learn SQL course?

Saves your time- One benefit of SQL is that it makes it possible to eliminate pointless spending and get right to the issue. An SQL expert can enter queries to express important data in a usable form if you are already tracking and keeping it in your database. SQL is a useful solution because it also allows for data saving and reuses in the future.

Why choose 99Graphics Design to learn SQL?

99Graphics Design is the best web development institute in Kolkata. Our experts always provide services of an amazing quality. We offer SQL training and job placement in Kolkata. Therefore, you should to select 99Graphics Design. We offer a specifically designed course curriculum for our SQL Course. It meets the demands of the sector. You will learn a lot about SQL basics, triggers, query tuning, the Transact-SQL language, and other topics in this course. Through this course, a candidate can get practical skills for creating various database objects, including views, tables, etc. By way of use cases and practical projects, industry specialists will teach you a lot about SQL Server. The formats of the certification exams are well-known to our trainers. So, passing the SQL Server certification test is also possible with the help of this instruction.

99EDU-Managed by 99Graphics Design PVT.LTD.

This carefully designed training course, SQL Course, aids developers in learning the language and performing work for relational databases. A thorough understanding of relational databases, joins, queries, and results in the formation unions will be attained. We’ll help you become more marketable and develop your database abilities. In areas like SQL Server installation, optimization, transactions, database administration, SQL infrastructure, implementing database objects, managing database concurrency, etc., you will get in-depth knowledge. To accommodate the needs of both students and employed professionals, we provide variable batch times. Depending on your needs, you can choose a weekend batch, a weekday morning batch, or a weekday evening batch. Corporate training is now offered online for your convenience and practical training.

Our knowledgeable experts at SQL Course have experience with hiring HRs for large corporations. For our students, we provide training that is focused on placement. The self-sufficient HR team professionals at 99Graphics Design will handle all of your interview needs. You can join a SQL Certification Course In Kolkata. The Certification of 99Graphics Design has received approval from all major international companies. We offer to students as well as beginners in the business world after the completion of the practical and theoretical sessions. Join the SQL course as soon as possible from one of the top SQL training centre to start your career.

Online & Offline Training Available

One of the best training options available today is online training. 99Graphics Design offers an online SQL course. so order to learn flexibly. You will get knowledge of SQL’s fundamental to advanced concepts. We offer online training resources in the form of zoom meet, videos, and virtual labs. Know the fundamentals of constructing structured query language in this online course. Even how to write SQL with the assistance of Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio from our knowledgeable instructors. You will receive hands-on training in key SQL topics with this online SQL course. And, how to sort, calculate, aggregate, filter, and retrieve data. We guarantee that you will be an expert SQL user by the end of this course.

Industrial Training

An effective and regular industrial training program helps companies in staying competitive. SQL training for the workplace is offered by 99Graphics Design PVT.LTD. You will learn how to use a relational database to investigate data throughout this industrial training. Learn to use investigated data by editing, organizing, and removing entries with the assistance of expert trainers. Also, You will learn to master SQL concepts with the help of this industrial training.

Students can discover what RDBMS and normalization forms are. With the help of this hands-on industrial training, you can create and manage tables using DDL Statements. Our knowledgeable instructors will assist you in understanding how to change data using DML and get data using the SQL Select Statement. You can require training in real time on how to build and limit data. You will learn how to display data using many tables in this hands-on corporate SQL course.

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