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Complete Syllabus of Advanced SEO Course




SEO course is one of the most demanding job-oriented training program options in Kolkata. Nowadays, the Digital world or digital industry forced students to search for digital marketing and SEO course in Kolkata due to the growing need for SEO experts. 99Edu training institute – Managed by 99graphics design a web & app development company.

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It usually is a strategy for improving your website’s content so that it has a better chance of appearing in search results for related searches. Generating more visibility will increase your authority and reputation. More profitability is linked to higher credibility. Your business will draw in more potential clients if your website content is more visible in search results.

SEO experts are not only instructed to do only jobs, They have many additional ways to use their knowledge outside of professionals. For example, an SEO expert can provide freelance SEO services. Business Owner can increase their own business through online channels without investing any money by using their knowledge of SEO.

SEO has become an important marketing skill for any company or brand with the increase in online business. As a result, SEO hopefuls have a huge amount of opportunities.

Types of SEO Training Programs in Kolkata

Classroom training– Classroom SEO Courses is an offline & physical classroom training. It involves both theory and practice.

It is best suggested to carefully review the course syllabus in order to discover the course level before considering SEO training.

These days, one of Kolkata’s most demanded jobs is SEO expert jobs. The growing need for SEO professionals in the whole digital industry forced students to search for SEO training in Kolkata.

Who Can Join the SEO Course?

A skill-based course, SEO is an element of digital marketing. You can get all the expertise you need to do SEO tasks in order to rank higher in the search results by taking an SEO course. Anyone with a desire to study can enroll in an SEO course because it is not required for a degree. In Kolkata, there are media outlets and digital marketing companies.

After all, anyone may learn SEO for a variety of goals outside of the job. There are no such limits that can prevent you from learning SEO if you are interested to learn SEO.

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