Course Duration: 40 Hours

Complete Syllabus of Custom WordPress Course




WordPress course! The popularity of WordPress is not a secret to any web designer or web developer. WordPress has developed to be an important factor in a PHP developer’s profession. Whether it’s a small business or a large company, WordPress is now employed in all businesses to create websites swiftly. WordPress enables you to transform a basic website into a complicated one. Everything that is possible with basic HTML coding is also possible. We, at 99Edu – Managed by 99Graphics Design offer you an advanced WordPress Course with live International projects. You will be taught by a WordPress development expert who has built more than 1000-word websites from all around the world and has already trained many students in WordPress Development. In addition, He has provided industrial training in a number of MNCs. Therefore, if you’re thinking about taking a WordPress course then you’re in the right place. Our industry expert trainer will help you to learn advanced WordPress course.

Why 99EDU is the leading industrial Institute?

It is not without reason that 99EDU is the top WordPress Training Institute.

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