1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • General Marketing VS Digital Marketing?
  • What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing?
  • What is the future of Digital Marketing?
  • What is Search Engine?
  • Types of search engine?
  • How does the search engine work?
  • Why Google is the world’s best search engine?
  • Ranking Factors of Google!
  • Required Tools in Digital Marketing.
  • What is online advertising?
  • What is ad-words?
  • What is RSS feed?
  • Panda algorithm vs Penguin algorithm
  • Why we use content marketing for SEO?
  • Career scope in Digital Marketing?

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Introduction and Understanding of SEO?
  • How does Search Engine work?
  • On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO
  • What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?
  • Some important SEO tools
  • What is link building and why does it matter?
  • What are backlinks?
  • What is an outbound link?
  • Difference between do-follow and no-follow links
  • What are meta tags
  • What is an anchor text?
  • What is robots.txt?
  • What is the landing page?
  • Latest updates in Google search algorithm
  • What is Sitemap? How is it important?
  • What is social bookmarking?
  • What is google my business?
  • Popular SEO Blogs to follow

3. Domain Registration and Hosting
  • What is domain & subdomain name?
  • Parts of domain name
  • How to choose a domain name?
  • What is the Protocol?
  • What is IP address
  • What is web hosting?
  • What is Up time
  • Types of Web Hosting
  • How to buy domain and hosting?
  • Buying and managing domains
  • What is SSL certification?
  • When your site goes down what will happen?
  • What is the page authority and domain authority?

4. Website Design guidelines
  • What is the Website?
  • What is www?
  • What are the different types of websites?
  • Web Page vs website
  • Difference between blog vs website
  • How to build a web page?
  • Web design vs web development
  • What makes a website user-friendly?
  • Dynamic vs Static website
  • What are responsive websites?
  • Build your own portfolio website.

5. Keyword Research and planning
  • What are Keywords?
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword-based on length
  • History of Keyword Research
  • Why is keyword research important?
  • LSI Keywords
  • What is the keyword research process?
  • Understanding your target market
  • What is Keyword Density, and does it matter?
  • Know what your people want
  • How to use google keyword planner?
  • How to do the business analysis?

6. SEO Friendly Content Writing
  • What is content writing
  • Introduction to the different types of Contents
  • How to improve writing skills?
  • How to write SEO optimized content?
  • Use of proper Tags (h1, h2, h3)
  • Attractive Title and Headings
  • Anchor Texts
  • How to count words
  • Understanding your audience
  • Write for users, not for google
  • What makes good content?

7. Social Media Optimization
  • What is Social Media Optimization?
  • What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
  • Search Engine Optimization vs Social Media Optimization
  • List of social media
  • Importance of social media
  • How Social-Media Affects SEO?
  • How to promote business through SMO
  • What is the responsibility of a social media manager?
  • Top social media marketing tools to consider?

8. Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Insights
  • Ad Practices for Ad Content
  • Facebook Targeting Options
  • Re-targeting or Facebook Exchange
  • Facebook Page Management

9. Twitter Marketing
  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Ads – Content & Targeting
  • Power of Twitter and use of hashtags
  • Tools and Measurement

10. LinkedIn Marketing
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • How to Market
  • Personal marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Campaigns

11. Instagram Marketing
  • Creating a Business Page
  • Marketing Tools and Ads
  • Influencer Marketing on Instagram
  • Strategy How to Drive Engagement
  • Switching Accounts
  • Lead Generation through Instagram

12. YouTube Marketing
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Video Creation, Uploading and Optimization
  • Video Content and story line ups
  • Channel Monetization
  • How to earn like a Boss

13. Google Algorithms

14. Google Analytics

15. Google Ad-sense

16. Google Ad-words

17. Email Marketing

18. SMS Marketing

19. Freelance Guidelines
  • Portfolio Creation.
  • Build Your Reputation
  • Find your target audience
  • Charge The Right Price
  • Create a relationship with your client

20. Interview Preparation
  • Interview Preparation Essentials
  • Essential Tools and Resources to Help you succeed
  • How to Crack Any Interview? Industry Secrets
  • Written Test Preparation
  • Mock Interview Session
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99EDU Institute – Manage by 99Graphics Design PVT.LTD. We provide Digital Marketing Course including SEO, SMM (social media marketing), PPC (pay-per-click), and much more.

Our Digital Marketing Course is a professional course and it’s delivered by experienced trainers. Our experts work in the digital marketing industry and they use the latest techniques for digital marketing and social media marketing.

Are you looking for a “Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata”? Then you’re in the right place. 99EDU is Kolkata’s most trusted Digital Marketing Institute with a high reputation. Our students either started their own businesses or got jobs with a fantastic starting salary.


Our digital marketing course covers a wide range of topics in a complete syllabus. It has all the most recent additions and important facts to fulfill the needs of the present. Our course of study includes:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the website in free, organic, or natural search results in search engines. It aims to improve your website’s ranking or position in search results pages. You can learn every important part of SEO in our digital marketing course.

PPC (pay-per-click):

PPC Ad Campaigns make it easier to get people to visit your website and convert them into customers. We help you to understand the important aspects of PPC campaigns and Google AdWords with the help of our digital marketing course.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):

One of the most effective platforms for visibility & conversions is social media. And you can learn how to run such successful social media campaigns with the help of our digital marketing training course in Kolkata to drive traffic to websites and produce conversions.

Digital Marketing is one of the highest growth fields. This industry experienced good development during the pandemic and offered many jobs to freshers. Currently, one of the most important parts of every company’s growth is digital marketing.
Because of this, it has a strong market presence and will have a very high demand in the near future. You should update your skills in digital marketing because of this. If you’re searching for an Advanced Digital Marketing Course in DUM DUM, 99EDU is your one-stop solution.

We offer classes to a variety of professionals, including managers, marketers, business owners, students, and anyone who is interested in learning about digital media. Learning new skills has actual worth because it increases one’s chances of reaching greater heights and creating new opportunities.

With the introduction of new concepts in Digital Marketing over the past 10+ years, 99EDU has grown significantly each day. With expert trainers, we at 99EDU can offer the best professional training in digital marketing classes in Kolkata.

Our goal is to expand daily with creative solutions and concepts in this area by analyzing the basics of digital media. We make sure to offer the best trainin available to enhance your job possibilities.

Becoming a professional digital marketer requires having the best information and understanding the topics thoroughly, which is why we have effectively prepared our class syllabus.

It provides a thorough analysis of the terms, concepts, strategies, and execution used in digital marketing for running campaigns and promoting websites.

Unveiling the Advantages of Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course

Investing in a digital marketing course offers numerous benefits. Exploring the Key Advantages of Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course.

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve

 Technology and consumer behavior are constantly evolving. Enrolling in a digital marketing course gives you access to the latest industry trends, tactics, and tools. This knowledge will enable you to stay ahead of the competition and make informed marketing decisions.

 2. Boost Your Career Prospects

 With digital marketing skills in high demand, acquiring this expertise can significantly enhance your career prospects. Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or seeking new job opportunities, having a digital marketing certification will make you stand out from other candidates.

 3. Develop a Holistic Marketing Skillset

A digital marketing course provides a comprehensive understanding of the various digital marketing channels and strategies available. You’ll learn how to integrate different approaches to create cohesive and effective marketing campaigns that drive results.

 4. Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

 One of the primary goals of digital marketing is to drive targeted traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers. Through SEO techniques, content creation, and data analysis, a digital marketing course will equip you with the skills to optimize your online presence and maximize conversions.

 Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Course

 When selecting a digital marketing course, it’s important to consider a few key factors:

 1. Course Content

 Ensure that the course covers all essential aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO, content marketing, social media, and analytics. Look for a course that provides in-depth knowledge and practical examples.

 2. Instructor Expertise

A seasoned professional with a successful track record in the field will provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your learning journey.

 3. Industry Recognition

 Research the reputation of the course provider and check if their certifications are recognized within the industry. This will add credibility to your resume and increase your chances of career advancement.

 4. Flexibility and Support

 Look for options that offer flexible schedules and provide ongoing support from instructors or a community of learners.

 Digital Marketing Degree: Unlocking Opportunities in the Digital Age

In today’s technology-driven world, the demand for skilled digital marketers is soaring. As businesses increasingly rely on digital channels to connect with their target audience, the need for professionals who possess a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies has become paramount. Pursuing a digital marketing degree can equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this ever-evolving industry. In this article, we will explore the significance of a digital marketing degree and the opportunities it can unlock for aspiring marketers.

 The Role of Digital Marketing in Today’s Landscape

 Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to promote products, services, and brands. With the proliferation of smartphones and the internet, digital marketing has become an integral part of any successful marketing campaign.

 In the digital age, consumers are constantly connected, making it crucial for businesses to have a strong online presence. This shift in consumer behavior has opened up a wealth of opportunities for marketers who possess the right skills and knowledge.

 Why Pursue a Digital Marketing Degree?

 A digital marketing degree offers numerous advantages for individuals looking to enter or advance in the field. Compelling Reasons to Pursue a Digital Marketing Degree

1. In-Depth Knowledge and Skills

 A digital marketing degree provides you with a comprehensive understanding of key digital marketing concepts, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, analytics, and more. This knowledge equips you with the skills needed to develop effective marketing strategies and drive results.

 2. Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Leading educational institutions design their digital marketing degree programs to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices. By enrolling in such a program, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your skills remain relevant and up to date.

 3. Networking Opportunities

Studying for a digital marketing degree allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential employers. Building a strong professional network can open doors to internships, job opportunities, and valuable collaborations.

 4. Career Advancement

 A digital marketing degree can significantly enhance your career prospects. With this qualification, you can pursue a variety of roles, such as digital marketing manager, social media strategist, SEO specialist, content marketer, and more. These positions often come with attractive salary packages and opportunities for growth.

 Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Degree Program

When selecting a digital marketing degree program, keep the following factors in mind:

 1. Accreditation and Reputation

Ensure that the institution offering the degree program is accredited and has a good reputation in the field of digital marketing education.

2. Curriculum

 Review the curriculum to ensure that it covers a wide range of digital marketing topics and includes practical learning opportunities.

 3. Industry Connections

Consider programs that have strong ties with industry professionals and offer internships or job placement assistance.

 4. Flexibility

If you are already working or have other commitments, look for programs that offer flexible study options, such as part-time or online courses.

 The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

 In today’s digital age, understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. With the increasing reliance on online platforms, knowing how to effectively promote products and services in the digital space can make or break a company’s success. In this article, we will explore the key principles and strategies that form the foundation of digital marketing.

 The Importance of Strategy

 Before diving into specific tactics, it’s crucial to develop a solid digital marketing strategy. A well-thought-out plan ensures that your efforts are focused and aligned with your overall business goals. It involves researching your target audience, identifying key platforms for engagement, and defining measurable objectives.

 Email Marketing

 By building an email list and sending targeted messages to subscribers, you can cultivate customer relationships, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty. Personalization, segmentation, and automation are key elements in maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

 Analytics and Measurement

 By utilizing analytics tools, you can gain valuable insights into your audience’s behavior, campaign performance, and return on investment (ROI). This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions, optimize your strategies, and achieve better results over time.

Unleash Your Digital Potential: Join Our Online Digital Marketing Course

Introduction: Welcome to a transformative online learning experience that will unlock your digital potential and propel your career to new heights. Our comprehensive digital marketing course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and practical insights needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. From mastering social media strategies to optimizing website performance, this course offers a unique and dynamic approach to digital marketing education.

Why Choose Our Online Digital Marketing Course?

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our course curriculum is meticulously crafted by industry experts to ensure it remains up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the digital marketing realm. You’ll learn the most relevant and effective strategies that will set you apart from the competition.

1. Interactive Learning Environment:

Engage in an immersive online learning environment that promotes active participation and collaboration. From live webinars and virtual workshops to interactive discussions and group projects, our course offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

2. Practical Application:

Theory is essential, but practical application is paramount. Through real-world case studies and hands-on projects, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge to solve real marketing challenges, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

3. Expert Faculty and Industry Professionals:

Learn from a team of experienced instructors who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and industry expertise to the table. Gain valuable insights and guidance from professionals who have successfully navigated the digital marketing landscape.

4. Flexibility and Convenience:

Access course materials, video lectures, and interactive resources from anywhere at any time. The flexibility offered ensures that you can balance your learning journey with your personal and professional commitments.

5. Networking and Community:

Join a vibrant community of fellow learners and digital marketing enthusiasts. Expand your professional network and forge valuable connections that can support your future career endeavors.

Ongoing Support and Updates: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the completion of the course. Benefit from ongoing support, access to updated resources, and exclusive alumni privileges. Stay connected with the latest digital marketing trends through regular updates and continued learning opportunities.

 In Conclusion

A digital marketing course can equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s digital landscape. By staying updated on the latest trends and techniques, you’ll be able to create impactful marketing campaigns that drive meaningful results for your business or clients. Invest in your future today and unlock the power of online advertising.


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